Get More Involved

At RUMC, we have a variety of ministries and classes if you wish to take a more proactive role.


Sunday School Classes


kindergarten to 2nd grade

An introduction to what it means to follow God and walk in his ways.

When: Every Sunday, beginning 9:15 AM EDT
Where: Fellowship Hall


A bible study class taught with positive reinforcement and a fun reward system.

When: Every Sunday, beginning 9:15 AM EDT
Where: Loft



A fun approach to Sunday School, while still challenging students to be leaders and good disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

When: Every Sunday, beginning 9:15 AM EDT
Where: Loft



A congenial group welcoming any interested adults that enjoy having fun as they grow in their faith together. This group is primarily made up of women but all are welcome!

When: Every Sunday, beginning 9:15 AM EDT
Where: Classroom at southeast corner of sanctuary



A class focusing on learning and studying, through different books in the Bible and Christian books.

When: Every Sunday, beginning 9 AM EDT
Where: Parlor



Current Bible Studies


beloved disciple: the life and ministry of john

Every disciple and early follow of Christ left a legacy for future believers. John’s legacy was love. Perhaps like no other disciple, John understood that relationship is the point. Every command of Christ and call to obedience is to enhance relationship and place the recipient in a posture the Giver can bless. This study is about finding our way to the heart of Jesus and reclining so closely that our pulse begins to throb in tandem, loving what He loves and hating what He hates.

This 11-week, interactive personal study includes daily assignments and weekly video-center group sessions. A student book can be purchased for $16.

Tuesdays at 9 am & 6:30 pm

The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the god jesus knows

We all have ideas we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true — but many are false. James Bryan Smith believes those thoughts determine not only who we are, but how we live. In the pages of this book, you are invited to put your ideas to the test to see if they match up with what Jesus himself reveals about God. Once you’ve discovered the truth in Scripture, you can engage in a process of spiritual formation that includes specific activities aimed at making these new narratives real in your body and soul as well as your mind.

Sundays at 9:15 am

Just Open the Door: A Study of Biblical Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the best ways to live out the two greatest commandments: loving God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. But often we get caught up in perfecting our homes and conversations before we open doors.

Over 7 sessions, look to Jesus as your model for hospitality. Discover how He lived a life full of interruptions, yet always welcomed people and invited them to follow Him. Learn to replace cultural expectations with biblical hospitality to create a legacy of invitation and reflect Jesus through simple acts of service. A student book can be purchased for $13.

Thursdays at 6:30 pm






Support and guidance of our church children.


Support and guidance of our church youth in grades 6 through 12. Offers opportunities for youth to grow in their faith and serve others.


Members knit and prepare shawls that will be blessed and prayed over for those in the community in their time of need.


Set in place to serve members of the community that are either in care facilities, homebound, or in need of extra care.



Care and support of the kitchen facility and its ministries.


Sunday morning breakfast for all those who want to gather prior from 8:45 AM to 9:15 AM EDT. (Unless otherwise stated on our Calendar.)


Formed from the United Methodist Men's group to help those in our church family or community with needs in or around their home when they are not able to perform tasks on their own.