Sunday Worship


Every Sunday at 10:30 AM EDT

The Light of Christ Enters

Our worship service is especially designed to meet people at the point of their spiritual need. It could be described as “blended,” but the objective is ambitious. We see our worship service as both a vehicle for experiencing Jesus in a profound way, and as a launching pad to propel people farther on their spiritual journeys.

Typically, we serve communion on the first Sunday of every month. You don’t have to be a member of the church, you don’t have to be a United Methodist and you don’t need to know any secret handshake in order to receive communion. When we serve communion at RUMC, all are welcome. That is especially true for the seekers who are just starting to explore their faith.

Our commitment to first time visitors is that when you visit RUMC for the first time you will feel warmly welcomed; that you will receive a word of encouragement and that you will experience God’s presence both during worship and in the time of fellowship with other believers.